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With Wald Whittman, George Grow, Kattia Watson and Waldensians all over the world,  60764422_2358698844372864_1432812995594944512_nfor the first time in human history, you can quickly and safely achieve spiritual and thus earthly progress by overcoming the limitations, errors and machinations of your religion or start with this matter afresh from the beginning.

Even believers see clearly that something is wrong with their faith; they are critical of their religion, but often they have no choice but to remain Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist, because their religion has not only blocked every inner development for a thousand or more years, but suppressed any alternative consistently. 61065061_2365877776988304_6877327210332553216_n

But not only in the sacred religions, but also behind the beautiful facades of political creeds such as socialism, liberalism, social democracy and capitalism are full of worms:intrigue, indoctrination, distortion, seduction and violence.

Wald vorne 2019 yeah KopieCome on and fill with us and our innovations as the Books of Life and The Other Way the enormous vacuum, which sacral and political religions have been opening wide. Meet Wald Whittman, the non-denominational, prophetic visionary in George Grow’s report „Wald – Prophet at a Loss“, and experience true spirituality that naturally requires neither faith nor religion!

The normopathic Arsenal

George M Grow Jr

„Hate those facts and not the people who reveal them.“
(Julian Assange)

The Great Intrigue

Once and for all, by means of the reputed Word of God (Bible, Koran, Veda, etc.), people  au 7are abused and hold down. What is more, today, humanity is Integrale Gesellschaft 2019 yeahindoctrinated with the help  of science, and science is designed to accomplish this task: Each hypothesis increases its claim to validity by means of verification – the gathering of evidence – and reduces it by means of falsification – the gathering of contradictory statements. Thus, in this mire of uncertainty, it forms an Archimedean point, and going out from this point, with the help of further hypotheses, it proceeds towards the extra-subjective reality.

George M Grow Jr & Kattia Watson

The aothors of the Books of Life, George M Grow & Kattia Watson

Conspiracy Practice

The individual is hardly able to pierce the thicket of intrigue. And if it is pierced, with  graphic novel gestaltet Kopieonly this, they have not found anything behind yet. As with the Sleeping Beauty from the fairy tale, it takes a long time for someone to come and to awaken the sleeper from their long, deep slumber.

Wald, George and Kattia know the way behind the hedge and what is behind it. Join them on a journey to the other side!

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